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Welcome !

You will find here my music, under a Creative Commons license, entirely downloadable for free (commercial uses without my explicit agreement are forbidden).If you appreciate my music or this website don’t hesitate to leave a message in the Guestbook. Fabien aka Dj Fab


09/02/14 : New album is out ! "There's always love - The Story III"09/11/12 : New album is out ! "A tribute to a hero - The Story II"24/01/12 : Hi everyone , I'd like to inform you that from now on I'll air my work through a new group : Everlasting Dream . After 6 years airing my pieces with my nickname Dj Fab it was on time fro me to evolve with a stronger identity and much more in line with what I do now .I hope this name will bring me higher than ever and I invite you to continue to follow this path with me if you want to . Dj Fab will stay my nickname and will remind me the path i walked in and how much distance there is for me to reach the top. I have yet a lot of things to do but at least i know that Everlasting Dream is unique and will only be associated to my work . Thus you will find my work on www.everlasting-dream.fr and www.everlasting-dream.com .Thank you to everyone and I hope you will support Everlasting Dream as much as you supported Dj Fab . Follow me now on my new facebook page !

Everlasting Dream


Soundtrack - Chillout

Ambient - Instrumental